Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eradicate Child Labor

          People say that childhood is the best time of our lives. Unfortunately, for some children in the world, their reality of childhood is different. Over 250 million children in the world are working nowadays.  Some of them are as young as 5 and 186 million of them are under 15. They are working on farms, plantations, mines, or even construction sites which are very dangerous for them. Most of them don’t even finish school.
Child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful. In developing countries with high poverty and poor schooling opportunities, child labor is prevalent. In 2010, sub - saharan Africa has the highest incidence rates of child labor with several African nations witnessing over 50 percent of children aged 5–14 working. Worldwide agriculture is the largest employer of child labor.
The primary cause of child labor is poverty. According to ILO, income from a child’s work is usually crucial for his or her own survival or for the household. Lack of quality education and affordable schools is another major factor driving children to harmful labor. Many communities, particularly rural areas where between 60-70% of child labor is prevalent, do not possess adequate school facilities. Even when schools are sometimes available or they are too far away, difficult to reach.
How can we stop child labor? We can solve these problems by improving child labor legislation and laws and also by increasing the quality, relevance and access to education. We can also help stop child labor by discouraging others from employing children, join a campaign that works on issues of abuse, exploitation, any situation that denies a child right's to protection and don’t buy product from manufactures that employ child labor.
So, let’s help stop child labor! No matter how old or how young you are, you can make a difference. Thank you.
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 ( By : Kyuubi - Grace )

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Preserve Our Tradition

We should preserve our own traditions. Without them, we would be nothing in our society, or we can even be disregarded by our own kind. Some children and young people nowadays do not even know their own family traditions, because their parents did not teach them since they were young.

Some Chinese hierarchy nowadays do not even do or know the old traditions, unlike the old generations of their family lineage. Some examples of the Chinese traditions are: eating moon cakes during the moon cake festival, wearing red clothes during the Chinese New Year, visiting relatives’ houses during the Chinese New Year, etc. But if someone asks a Chinese descendant about their tradition, some people might not know or do their own traditions. So automatically, their children would not even realize that a certain day is actually a celebration of something.

Young people nowadays disregard their own tradition, like throwing trash into the dustbin. But the fact is that, traditions are really important. Having traditional events or celebrations reflects our way of life and culture in the environment that we live in. The people in Bali have a tradition of celebrating “Seclusion Day”. It is a tradition of the Hindu people in Bali, but the whole island also celebrates this day. During the “Seclusion Day” Hindu people will have to turn off the lights in their houses, meditate, and fast during the whole day. While the people who are not Hindu, turns off the lights in their houses but does not have to fast and meditate in their houses. But, they could not go out either. This tradition still exists until today. While some other traditions, other than the one mentioned before, were already disregarded by its people.

We should preserve and treasure our own tradition, so it would not disappear from our lives. Traditions are really important, if we do not have our tradition, it means the end of our existence. We would be disregarded by our society, and our existence would not be acknowledged by other people as a part of a certain society.

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( By : Banshee - Elvira )


Pop Icon Awareness

Most people have their own “POP ICONS” that they adore and love. However some celebrities have bad influences to the youth.  Their behaviors are really bad and sometimes they are unpredictable. One day, they can be good. The next day they could be worst. Let’s take an example of Miley Cyrus. In 2009, she was just a young innocent “daddy’s little girl”, a Disney Girl and by mid 2013, she returned with a very spectacular change that nobody expected from her.   
Her career started by the help of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. He’s a hit back then. She and her father took part in the Disney show, “Hannah Montana.” After the last film came out Hannah Montana was over. However Miley’s career was not over. She sang and had her own tour back then. After some years not hearing news from her, she returned with her hit song “We Can’t Stop” and the music video was really inappropriate. In 2013 she made history of her own that nobody would expect that coming from a Disney Girl. By far, she’s the only Disney Girl who has behaved really badly. Try to look at Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Brenda Song, Bridget Mendler, Vanessa Hudgen, Ashley Tisdale and others. Yes! They all are singers but none of them acted like Miley. These have concluded that the good people can change easily to bad.
 I’m not saying that you can’t have someone you adore, I, myself have my own idol. You can have someone you idolize for their songs, voice and acting but DO NOT follow their behavior if you think it’s bad. All human beings can choose whether it’s bad or good. You may idolize their talent but NOT their bad behavior.

( In our Language Arts Class, we are now focusing on persuasive writing - speech writing. So here are some of our works. Have fun reading! )

( By : T-Rex - Vianca )

Stop Teenage Smoking

Stop smoking now!!

Cigarettes are sold everywhere. Even in convenience stores. Most people do not know the effects of cigarette.  The effects are really deadly. To make matters worse, smoking also affect other people that do not smoke.  These people are called passive smokers, and they can get affected more rather than the smoker. Now, even teenagers smoke. This has been an issue for a long time. When adults smoke, society thought of him/her as a horrible person. What if it was a teenager?  Their image will be crushed and the society will think of him/her as a trash.  
Cigarettes can kill more people in a year than crimes. It kills people slowly. When we inhale the smoke, our lungs will slowly rot.  Smoking during pregnancy will kill the fetus.  Women, too are addicted to smoking.
Cigarette smoking has very dangerous materials. Starting from nicotine, metals, even radioactive materials. Not only the lungs, our circulatory, digestive, skeletal, and reproductive organs are also harmed by cigarettes.
In any ways, there are NO reasons for teenagers to smoke cigarette. Absolutely NO. Better quit now rather than losing your life early. The materials kill us, and smoking also destroys our social life. Also, it is pretty expensive, so why even bother smoking?

( By : Rambo - Robin )