Monday, March 2, 2015

Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

                Hello, readers! We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! It must've been a happy reunion with your family members. This year as well, we, Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya has a custom in celebrating Chinese New Year by holding perfomances, which involves every member of the school. This was what we did this year.
                In the 17th of February, Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya celebrated Chinese New Year which starts from 8 A.M., to 2 P.M. in the afternoon. Girls are required to wear Cheong Sam (traditional Chinese attire for women and girls) while the boys are required to wear Chinese clothes. But overall, everyone wore red clothes, except for the eighth grade who wore green clothes.

                In the morning, around 8 A.M., the school invited a group of performers named “Red Lion”, who performed the ‘Lion Dance’. Every member of the school, especially the toddlers and the kindergarten, were very excited to see the group of performers, which some of them might not have seen before. They watched the show first, followed by the elementary and junior high. With lively music and attractive moves, many of the students felt entertained and admired the dance, which took place in the auditorium. The venue was supposed to be at the court but, due to weather condition, it was moved to the auditorium.

                Around 1 P.M., there were performances ranging from Grades 1 to 8, with different aspects of talents that entertained the spectators which was mostly made up of parents. Some of the grades sang songs, danced, some did fashion shows, played a song with their recorders, and even rapped. Various talents were displayed in each and every performance. The auditorium, corridors, and class windows were decorated with Chinese words, and decorations, such as Chinese lanterns, words, pictures to create a traditional Chinese atmosphere.

                As for us, the Grade 8, we did a performance, a combination of dancing, singing, and rapping. The song we used belongs to Jay Chou, by the title of “Listen to Mother’s Words”. In the morning, Grade 7 and us (Grade 8), held a last-minute and final rehearsal to practice our choreography and rap for our performances. We took turns in rehearsing with the Grade 7, since they also need time to rehearse their own performance.

                The Chinese New Year event this year was a success. Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya’s principal, Mr. Hari Wibowo, hopes that next year’s Chinese New Year event will be better and more interesting.

( By: Kyuubi - Grace and Banshee - Elvira )