Sunday, February 23, 2014

Post - Valentine Treat

These are poems from our EFL class which we wrote, inspired by real life - daily situations. We would like to share these to you. Enjoy !

My Roller Coaster Life

My Life,
Is like a roller coaster
Sometimes it shoots up,
And sometimes it goes down

It feels like hell,
I feel like I want to run away,
With a jingle of a bell

A year ago,
When my life was a disaster,
My tears threatened
To come out of my eyes
It's just like every memory,
Come bothering me,
Like a beep of a jeep that bothered my sleep

And a year later,
When I entered a new school,
I asked myself,
Do I even have a sense of humor
Cause everybody seems to be laughing,
At a joke that doesn't seem funny?

But I don't care,
My life is much better,
Than a year ago
I'm enjoying my life,
So please don't bother me!

But still,
Problems came,
Soon after that
And my roller coaster life,
Would continue as well

( By : Banshee - Elvira )


The rain has come
I'm sleeping in my room
I hear some
Noises that go BOOM

It was the sound of
The ferocious thunder
And the light goes off
It makes me harder
To find the way out of
This untidy room

( By : Kyuubi - Grace )

To The Zoo

The car started
BRSSHH, the car went
Lalala.. we sang on
Our way to the zoo

As we arrived, woo!
The elephant sound,'
Roar, the king of the jungle
Fun fun fun until
Bye animals
We're going home

( By : T-Rex - Vianca )

The Comfort Zone

I woke up, alarm ringing
Clicked the alarm off.
Tried to sleep back,
mom was knocking.
Gone to the toilet,
Splashed water on my face.
Stepped downstairs,
Sizzling food on the table.
Chomped on the food,
Gulped the water,
Then took a bath.
After bed, 
gone to school -
like again.

( By : Rambo - Robin )

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Technology : Viral To Virus



      “You have power over your mind, not outside events” –Marcus Aurelius.

       Right now, gadgets and computer games are very popular, but are they dangerous? These could be dangerous in 2 ways, both physically and psychologically. If we play too much, we either lose “something” or gain “something” from it. “Something” could mean either friends, knowledge, or money.

   Physically, we can hurt our eyes from computer radiation. We could prevent, or reduce the damage in several ways. First, by sitting straight. This seem ridiculous, but it is an important thing. Then another way is to keep the distance of the screen approximately 30 cm from our eyes. But still, the greatest way to prevent lies in ourselves and our own self- control.

       Psychologically, computer games and gadgets could hinder our social life. They could be “addicted” with those gadgets and games. These people are usually called neets. They are usually considered trash of the society. But these people usually have their own problems. In most cases, broken home and bullying are the main cause of meets.

      Also, most marketing strategy of those gadgets makers are “shady”, in some ways. When they release a new gadget, the old one are abandoned and will be less effective. This could be frustrating, especially when workers are given privileges for a new gadget, this would cause confusion and issues for the worker.

      Considering the expensive price for gadgets, these could be sold for a huge amount of money. This is the “roots” of crime on the streets. Another contribution of the city’s already dangerous streets’ dangers.

       Another crime caused by the gadgets are cyberbullying. There are countless people that suicide due to this issue. These all happens on social medias such as facebook.  This is a really important issue , as it have killed countless people over tiny, little, unimportant arguments.

       In every way, self-control is really important when we are using gadgets as a important utility of our life. Also remember to be careful when we are bringing those in the streets, and our behavior in social media.

( By : Rambo - Robin ) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Loo For Water


          Do you know that water is very important for your body? It helps in your digestion, and also prevents you from dehydration. According to scientists, our body is 70% content of water. So, what happens if we lack water?

Drinking water prevents you from getting sick, also from heat stroke and dehydration. We should at least drink 2 litres of water or equal to 8 glasses of water a day. Heatstroke happens when you are exposed too long in the heat, without drinking any water.  Here’s a fact, we can survive about 14-15 days by only drinking water, and not eating food at all. If it is the opposite, we can only survive for 3 days by only eating food and without drinking water, which causes dehydration, and sometimes, it could lead to death. So, do you feel that you have already drunk enough water yet?

         Signs of dehydration can be seen from our lips and urine colour. Our lips crack and our urine colour becomes yellowish to orange colour when we lack water in our body. You also get sick easily if you do not drink enough water.

         Fresh water contains minerals. But purified water, the minerals are extracted so it would just be plain liquid. Fresh water, which is not purified yet, still has chemical compounds in it, such as hydrogen and oxygen which is very important and needed in our body. Hydrogen exists in water, which functions to transport nutrients, lubricate organs and joints, regulate body temperature, etc. Hydrogen is also important in energy production and use. In the other hand, Oxygen is used for cellular respiration.  It would usually be water from springs at the mountains and the ground/soil. Demineralised water also called deionised water refers to water that has had its mineral ions removed, such as cations from sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anion such as chloride and bromide. It is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins which bind to and filter out the mineral salts from water. Thus, none of the minerals that is needed in our body is left in it. It is better to drink fresh water than demineralized water.

         Electrolyte is a "medical/scientific" term for salts, specifically ions. Electrolytes are important because they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. Another example where electrolyte drinks are important is when infants/children have chronic vomiting or diarrhea, perhaps due to intestinal flu viruses. When children vomit or have diarrhea, they lose electrolytes. Again, these electrolytes and the fluids must be replaced to prevent dehydration and seizures. Diuresis is an increase in the production of urine by the kidneys, which typically results in a corresponding increase in urine expelled by the body. When it happens without an accompanying increase of urination can cause severe medical problems.

           These days, we lack fresh water everywhere. Why? Because, now, the riverbeds are polluted with the wastes of factories that are built near them. Especially, in rainy seasons at Indonesia, it’s hard to get clean water. There are floods everywhere in Jakarta, and the people who delivers water are sometimes stuck in traffic. Hence, they aren’t able to deliver water to peoples’ houses. The poor aren’t able to get clean water since they are not able to afford the price for clean water.  

           Lead poisoning is a medical condition in humans and other vertebrates caused by increased levels of the heavy metal lead in the body. Lead interferes with a variety of body processes and is toxic to many organs and tissues including the heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, and reproductive and nervous systems. It interferes with the development of the nervous system and is therefore particularly toxic to children, causing potentially permanent learning and behavior disorders. Symptoms include abdominal pain, confusion, headache, anemia, irritability, and in severe cases seizures, coma, and death Lead from the atmosphere or soil can end up in groundwater and surface water. It is also potentially in drinking water, e.g. from plumbing and fixtures that are either made of lead or have lead solder.  

          Water is an important source of life. We couldn’t survive without water. Water prevents us from getting sick easily. And now, water is quite scarce, so we should use it wisely, not wasting it for unimportant matters. So, water has many  benefits for our body and use wisely in our daily life.


( By : Banshee - Elvira )



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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Too Hot To Handle



        Why can’t some people eat spicy food while some people can? According to some observation, most Whites and Europeans cannot really eat those spicy foods. Most of Asian particularly Southeast Asians really like chilies and use them as daily food.


According to Harry T. Lawless, a professor of food science at Cornell and an expert in the taste smell and sensory evaluation of food, people who can eat chili tend to develop a tolerance that we call desensitization. He also said that “There is nothing harmful in capsaicin molecule, the active ingredient of hot peppers.” Capsaicin is a kind of harmless drug, and like any drug we develop tolerance to it.


Chili can grow anywhere they are planted. There’s a lot of kind of chili, there’s green, red, jalapeno and still a lot more. Some are mild, hot, and really hot. People sometimes use them for cooking and sometimes they used them as hot sauce.


        A good thing about chili is that if you have problem with your digestive system, you can eat chili to solve that. It helps get rid off of parasites and bacteria in the digestive system. Also to some people that couldn’t pronounce “R” when they eat chili, it maybe helpful. It may not work for everyone though. In 1952, The Dublin medical Press recommended Chili as temporary cure for toothache. This research has been furthered reviewed and Pharmacologist in Hungary said that studies show chili molecule could relieve pain.


        The other side of that is if you are not used to chili or if you eat chili too much your mouth could feel burning sensation or a stomach ache. You also could have diarrhea because of chili. People also could have ulcer and if they have ulcer, it could get worst.


        Some country use chili as part of life. There’s a research that show that chili is used more often in warmer areas. Like India most of the foods are spicy. Why is it you ask? Because they believe that they have medicinal properties. They also belief that they help stimulate the appetite and the digestion, both of which tend to slow down when it’s hot. Some research also tells that chili prevents food spoilage.


        Chili could sometimes be bad for our body system. However, if we consider the good sides of it from being aphrodisiac to medicinal, we can truly benefit from it. A little harm in the mouth can be just a little of sacrifice to enjoy your luscious meal. Bon app├ętit!


( By : T-Rex - Vianca )









She in Sports


      Are sports only for men? In the ancient Olympics, participation was only limited to males only until the society made a change and its attitude toward women, which is good and encouraging.


     Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games with the inclusion of women's events in lawn tennis and golf. Over time more women events were added.



     The IOC is committed to gender equality in sports. The Olympic Charter, Rule 2, paragraph 7, states that: “The IOC’s role is to encourage and support the promotion of women in sports at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women.”


     Sports are activities that challenge people physically and mentally. Sports can provide a positive learning that could enhance people’s confidence. Sports give peoples valuable experience in good sportsmanship and teamwork. Sports teach the benefits of hard work and how to have fun at the same time. So both genders can benefit through sports.


     Moreover, sports are good for our health. The report from the United Nations Inter – Agency Task force on Sport for Development and Peace States that young people can benefit from physical activity as it contributes to develop healthy bones, efficient heart; lungs function and improve motor skills and cognitive function.


     Nowadays, sports are not only for men but also for women. Women can join all sports. Sports are good for our bodies. Both men and women can benefit through sports. Sports can also be one of the choices to socialize and made friends. This is a very good change in our society.


( By : Kyuubi - Tanita Grace )