Monday, August 25, 2014


These are haikus that we wrote in our EFL class. We would like to share these to you. Enjoy !

Graceful waterfall
    Tall and majestic you stand
          Surrounding it cools

( By: Banshee - Elvira )

Green trees, blue sky
            And the sound of the waterfall
     Makes me feel peaceful

( By: T-rex - Vianca)

A fearless tiger
         In a wide, hot savanna
   Sleeping soundlessly

( By: Kyubi - Grace )

Orange and black stripes
      On an exotic feline
              Yet almost extinct

( By: Rambo - Robin )

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Merah Putih" Independence Day

       On 18th of August 2014, Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya celebrated Indonesia's independence day which is supposed to be on 17th of August 2014. The teachers and the students had a flag ceremony in the morning from 8.00 A.M until 9.00 A.M. The officers of the ceremony were the students from grade 7-8.

        After the ceremony, the officers of elementary and junior high that was elected swore to do their job faithfully and heartfully. Other than that, there was a performance from Grade 6 Wishnu and Antasena. They performed the song "Burung Kakak Tua" by using angklung. After the angklung performance, the grade 1-6 performed their yells.

        After all the performance and everything, the elementary students played a few games. However, the junior high students didn't participate in the competitions like last year, instead, they were told beforehand to do murals in groups of odd and even, according to their grade levels.

        To put it of, the students had a great time. The students of Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya hope that the independence day celebration next year can be more exciting.

Welcome to School Year 2014 - 2015

                For new and old students, welcome to our new school year! Welcome also to the new Grade 7 students for entering junior high. From here on, don’t expect the lessons to be as easy as it was in elementary. Since there will be no more assistant teachers, you have to do everything by yourself unlike during elementary. So, prepare to be independent, don’t rely too much on the teachers. You also have to learn time management.

                Junior school is much different than elementary. Your class last year might be different than yours this year, so be prepared for anything! We can only show the gate. What inside is a mystery. The  We’ll also have a student council for junior high, and we’ll have our activities separated from the elementary unlike what happened last year. Other than activities, we’ll also have competitions to participate in such as sports competition and also competition in academics.  But be focused in your study, since you will also be relying on your academic grades to pass in grade 9, other than your UN grades.
                The lesson will also be different. Language arts is divided into 2, ESL and EFL. EFL is more advanced, and is really hard. In science, there is now physic and biology, and it can be really hard, so be prepared!
                Other than that, the teachers will be teaching you in a different way when you were in elementary. They will be more strict in some ways. But still, enjoy your junior high life as much as possible, since this kind of experience will only come once in a lifetime. You can’t go back anymore once you have passed junior high. This memory will be engraved in your brain until you probably become an adult, and reminiscing it will bring back the good memories you made in junior high. So, have fun!


Community Study Week in Bali

The Grade 7 CSW started at 21 April 2014 to Bali. CSW stands for Community Study Week, in which we will leave our homes and our parents for a week and go with our friends and teachers out of city.  We went to the airport at 4.30 a.m., we were very sleepy. When we wanted to check in, we can’t check in yet because we had to wait for Visyka. It sucks a lot to wait just for one single person. Finally, at around 5.30 she came and we were made because we were so late, but she didn't even felt that she is late and act like she’s not late. As Ms. Vilma’s group we have to behave or else we will be scold. I am the leader so, I had the responsibility to count my entire member and it’s confusing.

As soon as we arrived at Bali, we didn't go directly to our hotel; instead we went to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a famous temple in the middle of the sea. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to climb the temple because of the tide. After we were finished, we went to get lunch in a restaurant called “Renon Restaurant.” For me they got the best food in our whole trip. At around 2.00 p.m., we went to our hotel at Sanur Paradise Hotel. I’m in the same room with Angelica, in room number 270, we got the pool view. We rested at our hotel until around 5.30 p.m. and we went to Kemangi Restaurant. It was where we have our dinner. Along the way our tour guide, Pak Dwi, who is a very nice, kind guy, told us stories about the dance. In Kemangi, they showcased 5 Balinese dance. One of them required our volunteer. It's interesting to see how the dance is very easy, although it look hard. After we finished eating and watching we went back to the hotel and took a rest.

We was awake early in the morning to go to Ubud, in one of the river. We wanted to do water rafting. The company that held the water rafting activity is called "Sobek". The track was 12 km long and around 2 hours. Before the raft we have to climb down 500 stairs and our foot was trembling. In the middle of the raft we stopped and took a break to drink because the raft was very tiring. The finishing point was at a restaurant, which we had our lunch. After we ate, not very delicious food, we then had to climb up around 200 stairs. We were dirty that time because of the water we raft in, so we took a bath, change our clothes and left.Our next destination was Laka Leke, there we paint eggs and kite. Aside from that we also had our dinner and perform Kecak dance with the real dancers. We then went back to the hotel and rest.

The third day we went to Sawah Indah, where we learned how to plant, plot and process rice, we also plow the rice paddy. It's a memorable experience and it made me respect those farmers who work on the rice field every day. After lunch, fishing and lounging we head to our next stop, Pura Gunung Kawi, it's a temple which they build in memorial of their king, queen, prince and the concubines. We take a walk there, up and down stairs until it's time to go, before we go of course we do a little shopping then went down from northern to the southern part of Bali. The famous Garuda Wishnu Kencana is where we were heading. They said that around 2015 a statue will be presented to the world, the highest statue that will be the new Guinness World Record. Professional Kecak dance ended our activities for the day.

Biking in Bali? Why not? We went to the "Bali Bird Park" for a bike. I know it sounds weird? Bird Park? Bike? But they have this program for a tour around using bike. we were then separated into two groups. Boys and girls, the boys paddle first while the girls are still gearing up. Our first stop was the rice field, Coffee shop and a traditional Balinese house. Those biking make us tired but didn't broke our spirits to see the birds and reptile in the Bird Park. In the middle of a Bird show suddenly the rain shower so we decided to eat since we were starving. We have tour around Bali, eat Balinese food, saw Kecak dance, did the kecak dance and paint but we haven't learned the instrument and dance the famous dance, that's why we went to Balerung. After Balerung we went to the Sanur beach, not far from the hotel. It was our last night so we swim in the sea and have our "BBQ PARTY" in the beach and it was a lot of fun.

Bali was a lot of fun, money can't buy this experience and happiness I and all my friends have here. I never wanted leave, I never wanted go home but every beginning will have an end and this is our ending, our last day without our parents.In the early morning, 5.30 a.m to be exact Pak Hari, myself and a few of my friends went to the beach to see the sunrise and it is so beautiful. We then went back to the hotel, pack, shower then went to the airport. Before we leave for the airport we shop again in Kresna, we can't bargain there which make it a bit easier for me. Pack one last time then off we go to the airport. We board the airplane waited for so long and guess WHAT??!! there's a plane reporting that it's being Hijacked so we have to went leave the plane and wait. It's the Virgin air and we were panicking that we can't go home, but luckily a few moments later we were informed that we can board the airplane. We arrived home sound and safely and happy.

 This activity told me a lot and it's useful for my future so, I do thank my parents for letting me join and for the teachers who took care of me while I'm there.

( By: T-rex - Vianca)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Complains in Bali

Did we have complaints in Bali? A lot actually, but I’m not going to whine and rant about it here. Actually there’s more enjoyment than complaints in Bali.
On our first day, we arrive to our hotel the first time. Our hotel is pretty good, but the distance between my room and the lobby is around 40-50 rooms, and you can guess, I’m not happy about it. There is a swimming pool, but I get to that later.
On the 22nd, which is the 2nd day, we went rafting and went to laka leke. This day is really exhausting, and the food don’t replenish our stamina enough. After rafting, which I enjoy the most, we went to laka leke. Laka leke is a nice place, with rice paddies, and gazebos. We made kites and do egg painting. Dinner is not too good, the portion was too little for me. After dinner, we do the kecak dance, and that is really beautiful.  We then went back to the hotel. In the hotel, all of the boys order food at the hotel, and that’s really expensive.
On the third day, we went planting rice in sawah indah, I enjoy this activity a lot, the last time I did this is around grade 2, and there is no these girls that yells at you when a little mud is splashed. Really interesting experience, well for me. Before lunch, we  have ample time, and we go fishing. Not really interesting. Small fishes, lot’s of them, so no. lunch, wait we should eat a lot right? I mean, we done a lot of activities, and that is exhausting. Sadly, no. my friend only ate little, because that’s what is left. Then, we go to GWK, good place, kind of a recreation park with Balinese design, and Balinese food. We went back to the hotel after the kecak performance. Some of us swim, and eat again.

The fourth day, we went cycling. the cycling is not really enjoyable. I mean, the bikes are really bad. The timing of this tour is something i would like to object. It's really hot in Bali during this time of the year. What's worse? Cycling during 9 AM into around 11 AM, in a temperature that was hot. Poor timing, really poor timing. Still, there is still enjoyment. We went to a coffee and tea plantation. interesting, the way they process the coffee. Everything is still natural, no machines. This made a more aromatic scent in the coffee. I didn't bought anything though, i don't think i regretted that. After cycling, we visited the bird park.This is one of the most enjoyable moment of this trip, well for me. The bird park is large, and full of interesting things. There's alot of  rare birds, and interesting birds. Lunch is horrible. Chicken again. After the bird park, we went to Balerung to study Gamelan. Gamelan is a traditional musical instrument, and is fun and interesting to play. After Balerung, we went to GWK to watch a Kecak Dance performance, and ate dinner. After dinner, which is chicken again, we watched the performance. After the performance, we went back to the hotel, and make use of the hotel's facility.

On our last day, nothing much happened, only we go to Kresna to buy souvenirs, and nothing else. Lunch is eaten at the bus, WHICH IS CHICKEN AGAIN. We then go to the airport, and went back to Jakarta.

Thats it for our trip to Bali. An enjoyable trip i say, but there's many room for improvements.

( By: Rambo - Robin )

CSW Bali 2014

             Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya held CSW in Bali on the 21st April, 2014. CSW, also known as Community Study Week is an event that is held for students to learn the culture of the place they visit. The Grade 7 students participate in this CSW. 
The Grade 7 students went to the airport at 4.30 A.M. There were also 3 teachers who joined the CSW. Their plane to Bali was at 6.00 A.M. They arrived in Bali at 9.00 A.M. Bali time. After arriving, they directly went to Tanah Lot. After that, they went to Renon restaurant and had lunch there before going to the hotel.

                On the second day, the Grade 7 students went rafting at Sobek. At first, the guide told us about rafting. Then, the Grade 7 students went down the stairs to start rafting. The Mentari Cipete students were also there. The distance of the lake was about 12 km. After the rafting, the Grade 7 students ate lunch. After that, the Grade 7 students went to Laka Leke. The Grade 7 students learned on how to paint kite and egg. After painting, the Grade 7 students’ tour guide, Pak Dwi told the Grade 7 students about Balinese culture. We learned the Balinese culture while waiting for the Mentari Cipete students to come to Laka Leke. After the Mentari Cipete students came, the Mentari Grand Surya Grade 7 students and Mentari Cipete Grade 7 students learned the Kecak dance. At night, they performed the Kecak dance with some of the Kecak dancers.

                On the third day, the Mentari Grand Surya Grade 7 students went to Sawah Indah. There, they learned on how to harvest rice. After that, the Grade 7 students went to Gunung Kawi. Gunung Kawi was a sacral place. There were reliefs of King Udayana and his family. There was also a place for meditation. After Gunung Kawi, the Grade 7 students went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. At Garuda Wisnu Kencana, there were statues of Garuda and Wisnu. There were also Garuda and Wisnu histories. The Grade 7 students then watched the Kecak Dance. On the Kecak Dance, there was a story of Ramayana and Shinta. At around 7.00 P.M, the Grade 7 students went back to the hotel. After that, some of the Grade 7 students went swimming.

                On the fourth day, the Grade 7 students went cycling. Then, they went to Agro Wisata and Balinese House. After that, the Grade 7 students went to Bird Park. They watched some of the bird show. They only watched half of the show because it's raining. After watching the bird show, the Grade 7 students went to Balerung. There, they learned on how to play musical instruments and some dance. After that, the Grade 7 students went back to the hotel. Then, the Grade 7 students went to Sanur beach for the farewell party. There were also Mentari Cipete students there. At around 7.00 P.M, the BBQ party started. At around 8.00 P.M, the Mentari Grand Surya students went back to the hotel.

                On the fifth day, the Grade 7 students went to Krisna. Krisna was a place where peoples can buy gifts like clothes, foods and others. After that, the Grade 7 students went to the airport. Their plane to Jakarta was at 2.00 P.M. It was then postponed because there was news that Virgin Australia plane that landed on Bali's airport was hijacked. Their plane to Jakarta was postponed until 4.00 P.M. The Grade 7 students arrived at Jakarta at around 5.00 P.M. in Jakarta's time.

                The CSW to Bali ran smoothly. All of the Grade 7 students and teachers were happy. Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya Middle School Principal, Mr. Hari, hopes that the CSW to Bali could help the Grade 7 students to learn more about Balinese culture.

( By: Grace - Kyubi )

Insights on Bali

I went to Bali with 24 of my classmates along with 3 teachers on 21st April 2014. I arrived around 4:20 a.m. at the airport, and there was still only a few of us that had already arrived at the airport. Around 5:30 a.m., our group was only waiting for Visyka to arrive and check-in our luggage.
We had 3 groups in the airport, Pak Hari’s, Ms. Vilma’s, and Sir Josh’s group. I was in Sir Josh’s group at  airport, but later I will be in Pak Hari’s when we arrive in Bali.  After the last group, Sir Josh’s group checked-in, we hurried up to the second floor to the waiting room. It was almost time for boarding, so we had to go to the boarding gate already. Me and Grace were already walking down the aisle of the boarding gate, when we saw the sunrise, but kept walking down. Then, we rode a bus for a few minutes, and boarded the plane.  The flight duration was 1 hour and 45 minutes, after  the plane landed, we entered Ngurah Rai airport to take our luggage.

When we got out of the building, we met our tour guide, and went around to  buy food and beverages, and we were given around 30 minutes to do that. After, we entered the bus, our tour guide introduced himself, and his name was Pak Dwi. Then, he explained about the types of  temples in Bali, there were three, which are village temple, family temple, and functional temple. And he also told us the three main gods in Hinduism. They are: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. After we arrived at Tanah Lot, we were given 30 minutes to explore the place and take pictures for our scrapbook too, if we needed it for our scrapbook. Me and Grace went to a nearby cliff too take pictures of the crashing waves. It was really amazing. Later, all of us gathered in a nearby spot and left the place. We were stuck on traffic for about two hours until we arrived at Restaurant Renon. After we ate lunch, we went to the hotel and checked-in.

At 5 p.m. in Bali time, we went to Restaurant Kemangi to eat dinner as well as watching Legong dance performance. Me,Grace, and Thea sat with the boys and talked game until food was served. Then, we ate our dinner and watched the Legong dance. It was so spectacular! In the end, Grace, Visyka, Grecia, and I were dragged onto the stage by the dancers. Later, all of us took pictures with the dancers and Pak Dwi took the pictures. Then, we went back to the hotel and wrote our journals in Anabelle and Jennyfer's room and went back to prepare our things for tomorrow. after everything was prepared, we changed our clothes and rested for the night.           

Next day, we went to the water rafting area by bus, and continued to the place by riding a smaller car. We met the Cipete there as well. Then, all of us were shown the correct ways and rules in rafting, and after, we are told to make groups consisting of 4 to 5 people per group. After the trainers went to my group, which consists of me, Grace, Thea, Bryan, and Daylen. We went down to get our rafting equipment and walked down around 500 steps to the river.

After, we were in the river, the currents are quite strong, but we still had fun! We even managed to prank people and have races with other raft boats. Later, before the last rapid, Pak Hari was taking pictures of us, and then we swan to the shore of the river, and had lunch in the nearby restaurant. After all of us ate lunch, we climbed up again and changed our clothes. After everyone from Grand Surya has gathered in the bus, we set out to Laka Leke. There, at Laka Leke, all of us were taught how to paint kites and eggs. And after waiting for the Cipete to arrive, we practiced the Kecak Dance so that we can perform on the evening. Later, we had dinner and then put on our dancing clothes, and performed. After performing, we went back to the hotel to rest.

On Day 3, we went to Sawah Indah, Pura Gunung Kawi, and GWK. At Sawah Indah, we were taught how to plant rice paddy and plot the field. I didin't know what Pura Gunung Kawi was like since i didn't enter the shrine. And at GWK, we saw a performance of Ramayana in kecak. It was amazing, but not as good as the previous one I had saw.

On Day 4, we went to Bali Bird Park. It was so cool! The birds there varies and many are exotic. I even saw a white peacock which is rare to find nowadays. We also went biking to Subak orientation rice paddies,  Balinese Traditional House, and also a place to produce herb drinks. On the afternoon, we went to Sanur Beach to swim and have a barberque dinner and went back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow and pack up to go home back to Jakarta.

On Day 5, we had breakfast at the hotel and checked out later on. Then, we went to Krisna to buy souvenirs to give our families and friends back in Jakarta. After, we left and departed to the airport. But, in the airport, our flight which was supposed to be in the afternoon became delayed due to the hijack of Virgin Airways. But eventually, we went home in 6 p.m. in the evening, and went to our perspective homes.  
( By: Banshee - Elvira )