Thursday, September 18, 2014

Insights on Holes

The Holes tells about a boy named Stanley Yelnats that was sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes each day. The Holes is an easy reading novel. The story is unexpected. I recommended students to read this novel.

-         Kyuubi - Grace

The Holes’ vocabularies are easy to understand, and each chapter has a few pages. The plot of the novel is simple, but also has complicated matters inside. This is an interesting novel to read, it creates a mental image easily.

 -        Banshee – Elvira

Fun reading, I don’t think it’s really hard to understand. Like stated above, the plot is simple, but can be unexpected at times. You might enjoy this, maybe not, but it’s worth your time. I don’t see many social issues, or maybe it’s just me? Find out for yourself.

-        Rambo - Robin

The Holes is a very interesting novel to read. The stories are easy to understand and everybody can read this book in a short amount of time. I haven’t finished this novel but so far, the book is very good and interesting to read.

-        T-rex - Vianca

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Necklace ( Twist Version )

In a small town in Indonesia lived a poor couple named Mr. and Mrs. Loisel.  They lived in a small dilapidated house, with old curtains hanging on the windows, thatch roof that is almost blown away and they had no precious belongings inside. However, Mrs. Mathilde always wanted a luxurious life even though her husband is only an employee. She would go to the mall and spend her money and time pretending to be one of the women in the middle class.

One day, Mr. Loisel got invited to his boss’ wedding at Mercure Hotel. Many higher officers are also invited. When he breaks the news to his beloved wife, she felt upset.

“What should I wear to attend the wedding? I don’t even have a pair of shoes nor a nice dress to wear!” Mrs. Mathilde said.

“Well dear, how much does a pair of shoe and a dress cost?” Mr. Loisel asked.

“Ummm, approximately Rp 1.000.000.” Mrs. Mathilde said.

Mr. Loisel grew pale. Since three months ago, he had been saving his money to buy a new handphone,because he has been eyeing since new year. Thinking that his wife is more important than himself, he agreed to give her the money.

“Ok dear, here is the money to buy your dress and shoes” Mr. Loisel said.

Mrs. Mathilde then bought a dress and a pair of shoes. But, she wasn’t satisfied yet. She was still upset because she doesn’t have any jewelry to wear for the wedding.

”How do you be simple but still beautiful?” she was thinking of borrowing her friend, Mrs. Forestier’s jewelry.

A day exactly before the wedding party, Mrs. Mathilde went to her friend, Mrs. Forestier’s house to borrow her jewelry. She saw a necklace that looks simple but elegant. She had her eyes set on that jewelry.

“Mrs. Forestier, can I borrow this necklace? I think this will suit me in the wedding party.” Mrs. Mathilde pleaded.

“Sure dear, but always wear it with you because it’s not an imitation.” Mrs. Forestier warned her.

Mrs. Mathilde hugged her friend. She went home happily, and told her husband that she had found a jewelry that suited her.

The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Loisel went to the wedding party at Mercure Hotel. They were so poor that they have no vehicle to get there so, they had to take a rickshaw. They asked the rickshaw driver to drop them 10 meters away from the hotel so that no one can see them.

At the wedding party, Mrs. Mathilde was the prettiest woman present. Men wanted to get acquainted to her. Women were jealous of her beauty even the bride herself. Mrs. Mathilde was so contented of herself that night.

The party ended at 10.00 P.M. but, Mr. and Mrs. Loisel went home earlier so that no one would see them taking the rickshaw home. But, unfortunately for them, there was no rickshaw available at that time because it’s already late in the night so, they walked their way home.

On their way home, they passed a small alley. There was a robber there. The robber stole the necklace and ran away. Mr. Loisel tried to catch the robber but his effort is futile. Now, the trouble hits them. They were panicking. The necklace that Mrs. Forestier lend to them was stolen.

At their home, Mrs. Mathilde cried. She was afraid that Mrs. Forestier will be furious. Suddenly, an idea popped inside Mr. Loisel’s head. He told his wife about his idea of giving Mrs. Forestier an imitation of her real necklace.

The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Loisel looked around the town to find the same necklace as Mrs. Forestier’s. They found a cheap imitation that looks exactly alike to the real one. They bought it, and gave it to Mrs. Forestier. At first, Mrs. Forestier didn’t realize that it was an imitation.

One week later, Mrs. Forestier found out that the necklace was an imitation because after she had observed closely, she found the word “MADE IN CHINA”. She was furious and took the poor couple to the court for losing her necklace and replaced it with an imitation. In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Loisel were imprisoned for 10 years of their treason.


( Made by :  Kyuubi - Grace , Banshee - Elvira , Rambo - Robin and T-Rex - Vianca )