Thursday, September 18, 2014

Insights on Holes

The Holes tells about a boy named Stanley Yelnats that was sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes each day. The Holes is an easy reading novel. The story is unexpected. I recommended students to read this novel.

-         Kyuubi - Grace

The Holes’ vocabularies are easy to understand, and each chapter has a few pages. The plot of the novel is simple, but also has complicated matters inside. This is an interesting novel to read, it creates a mental image easily.

 -        Banshee – Elvira

Fun reading, I don’t think it’s really hard to understand. Like stated above, the plot is simple, but can be unexpected at times. You might enjoy this, maybe not, but it’s worth your time. I don’t see many social issues, or maybe it’s just me? Find out for yourself.

-        Rambo - Robin

The Holes is a very interesting novel to read. The stories are easy to understand and everybody can read this book in a short amount of time. I haven’t finished this novel but so far, the book is very good and interesting to read.

-        T-rex - Vianca

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