Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Faction Day 2015

Tuesday, October 13th 2015, the 4 factions’ face off! Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, and Candor are competing for the title of “The Strongest Faction”. Each of the factions wore the color of clothes assigned to their factions, respectively: Dauntless with red, Erudite with blue, Candor with white and Amity with yellow, but the members of the student council wore black.
We started the day with a parade. It was led by Melvin from Grade 7 who played the drum as we paraded around the school premises. After parading, we returned to the auditorium. There Ms. Vilma, our principal, gave us opening remarks. Then, the games commenced!
The first activity was a dancing game called “So You Think You Can Dance?” It is led by Tanezia and Audrey Flabian from the student council. The factions were told to incorporate at least 5 of the dance steps shown by Tanezia to their preferred song. Each of the factions were given 30 minutes to prepare their dance while Grade 9 had to  manage simultaneously their group while tending to their goods being sold for the business study week.
The next activities were the sports and painting competition. The sports that the factions were competing for were badminton and table tennis. Each faction should send 4 representatives (2 boys and 2 girls) for each sport. For the painting competition, each faction should also send 2 representatives.
The following activity was the “Acapella This n That”. In this game, the members of each faction will have to use their voice and body parts to create music. They can also perform excerpts of a song, or a mash-up. And last but not least, there was the “Balloonies”! Each faction has to compete in hoarding the water balloons provided by the student council committee. The faction which would have the most number of water balloons would be the winner. They had to prepare themselves getting wet as the balloon could pop anytime.
Aside from activities mentioned above, there was also the inauguration of the new officers of the Student Council 2015-2016. All of the activities ended at 2.45 P.M. It was tiring, but well, it was fun. The students hope that the new officers of Student Council hold more fun activities in the future.

( By: Kyuubi - Grace, Banshee - Elvira, Rambo - Robin and T-Rex - Vianca )

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