Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Few Week of School

 “ When a new page of life is flipped, a new adventure begins. “ -Anonymous

Hello to all readers, long time no see! The last time we updated our blog was around February or April, when we were still in Grade 8, but now, we’re in Grade 9! It is a good news that everyone made it to Grade 9, isn’t it~? Though sadly, we’re now divided into two classes. Too bad, huh. Well then, without much ado, we’ll tell you about the first few weeks of school from a 9thgrade's perspective!

We started the new school year on Tuesday, July 28th 2015. On our first day, we weren’t that pleased to come to school, as we still had to go the primary building instead of the junior high building. We were told to go there by the following week, which was Monday, August 3rd, since the new building was still being cleaned. This year, we had a lot of new faces, as there are new Grade 7 students enrolling in Mentari. Most of them looked timid and shy, well, it’s just normal since it’s just the first day of school and most of the new students were still not familiar with the others yet.  They were divided into two classes, 7A and 7B. For Grade 8, it's the same as last year. All of them stay in one class since they are only 24. Grade 9 were also divided into two classes, 9A and 9B. Elvira (Banshee) and Vianca (T-Rex) belonged to 9A, while Grace (Kyuubi) and Robin (Rambo) were in 9B. Most of us were upset about the classes being divided into two divisions, as most of us didn’t get to be in the same class as our close and best friends.

 Also, on the first day, we were divided into four houses, named after the factions from Divergent, namely Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest/justice), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent) by drawing lots. Grace, Vianca, and Robin went to the Dauntless House, while Elvira joined the Amity House. Most of us Grade 9 already knew that we were divided into houses in order to select a new set of officers for the Student Council. Also, after being divided into groups, we were told to create a group cheer, and present it in front of the other houses and teachers. Before our dismissal at 12.30, each house was assigned to bring recycled materials, respectively plastic bags, plastic bottles, old clothes, and newspaper.

On Wednesday, we started the morning with gymnastics session with Mr. Bayu, our new P.E. teacher. It was a fun session, as mostly everyone, and even the teachers, enjoyed the gymnastics session. After recess, Mr.Dondee, the Grade 6 Antasena homeroom teacher, gave us a lecture session about “sustainability”, and advised us to try and help the environment by recycling the things that we used and reuse them or make them into something useful. Then, we played a game called “Picture Game”. It’s a game where we had to make a still picture while all the members of the house have to act it out. Afterwards, we were asked to create things from the materials that we had brought from our homes. We were given one hour to create something from the used materials. An hour later, each house was asked to prepare 3 models who would present the finished products of each house, or in other words, a fashion show. Every house presented its items in its own style, and most of the models earned a lot of cheers and whistles from the audience.

On Thursday, the four houses had to present their final cheer (the ones on Monday were just preparations). The cheer from each house represented its characteristics, and was unique in its own way. Not to forget, later that day, we started our campaigning for the new set of officers for the rest of the school year. Each group was given two pieces of carton, to make their own posters representing their group.

The candidates from Dauntless were Robin running as president, Alvian (G7) running as vice president, Adzra (G8) running as secretary, Darlene as G7 rep., Tanezia as G8 rep., and Kenneth as the G9 rep. From the Candor House, the candidates were Olivia (G9) as president, Audrey F. (G8) as the vice president, Angelique (G8) as the secretary, Fransisco as the G7 rep., Natania as the G8 rep., and Adrian as the G9 rep. As for the Erudite, their candidates consisted of boys only, and we could use two words to describe them: boy band. But kidding aside, their candidates were Jonathan (G9) as president, Kenny (G8) as vice president, Chievas (G7) as secretary, Putra as G7 rep., Raymond as G8 rep., and Daylen as G9 rep. Lastly from Amity, the candidates were Elvira (G9) as president, Fayola (G8) as the vice president, Darrell (G7) as secretary, Yudha as G7 rep., Dhana as G8 rep., and Angtonio as G9 rep. That day, each president candidate had to explain what vision and mission and plans they have for this school year. The teachers announced that each candidate would have his/her own speech and would face question-and-answer sessions the day after.

On the last day of staying at the old building, each candidate from the houses made his/her speech and presented it to the audience. The sequence started from the G9 representative, and ended to the president candidates. Soon, the time for voting came, which took quite a while until it was our turn to vote. And before we were dismissed, the results of the votes were announced. The winner and new set of officers for the school year 2015-2016 were Elvira as president, Audrey F. as vice president, Chievas as secretary, Yudha as the G7 rep., Tanezia as the G8 rep., and Adrian (who surprisingly won with a 1 vote difference against Kenneth) as the G9 rep.

And after the first week, we moved to the new junior high building along with the Grade 6. We started having regular sessions, though some lessons required changing of classrooms, such as the EFL-ESL, Religion, P.E., etc. The new teachers were friendly and fun to be with, and we’re glad to have teachers like them. We hope that this last year of junior high will be a fun and enjoyable school year for us!  
( By: Kyuubi - Grace and Banshee - Elvira )

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