Monday, August 17, 2015

New Lessons, a new teacher, and a new school year

In this year’s EFL class, it looks like we will be frequently updating this blog (it’s still just a possibility), so stay tuned to read our entries.
This year, our EFL is taught by a new teacher, his name is Mr. Michael Brian, or in short, we call him Mr. M.B. While the ESL class is handled by Ms. Monica, who is also a new teacher in Mentari. Maybe, for this year, our lessons will be more intensive, since we will encounter the IGCSE in grade 10, and also the English national exam.  
On the first session of our EFL class, 9A and 9B were split into two classes due to a wrong schedule. Though, we still had the same topic of conversation, such as self-introduction, our favorite novels, and we discussed a few short stories. The next day, both classes were combined into one, but the total number of students was reduced to 7 students (originally the class consisted of 8 students), as one of us has transferred to another school. We were also given a written test, a grammar test to be exact. The results were quite satisfying, as most of us made it to the intermediate level, and a few reached the advanced level.
On the third day, we started using our course book. We did the activity on the first page, wherein we had to make a spider diagram, using “island” as the main body of the diagram, and present it in front of the class. Aside from using the course book, Mr. M. B. also gave us a lecture about skimming and scanning, and told us the difference between the two. Afterwards, he told us to read two passages in our course book and instructed us to answer the questions given. We also learned about dividing a whole article into paragraphs. Also, each of us was given a task of presenting words that are commonly found or used in daily life, and also words that we find difficult and unfamiliar with.  Last Wednesday, August 13th, he told us to create new entries for our blog, so this is also included as an activity for our EFL class.
Well, we think that is all of the lessons and activities that we’ve done so far for the first few weeks of school. So, see you on the next update!

( By: T-Rex - Vianca and Rambo - Robin )

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